Make Changes

If you would like to change or cancel your insurance policy, please submit the form below.

Please read the important information found below before submitting your request.

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If you are trying to change your policy less than 14 days prior to the effective date of your policy, you will be asked to buy a new policy and request you cancel your old policy. You can then submit this form with the reason; "This policy has been replaced with Policy #xyz" where 'xyz' is your new policy number. You will then get a refund on your first, incorrect, policy.
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Changes and Cancellations

There are three different kinds of changes:

  • Simple Changes
  • Material Changes
  • Cancellation

Simple Changes are those which do not affect the premium cost, such as changing;

The Named Insured

Adding an Additional Insured

The Policy Start Date (not the duration)

Simple Change procedures are as follows:
  1. Request a simple change via the Changes & Cancellations form above.
  2. Receive your notice of change via email.
  3. Forward your revised certificate to the appropriate party.

Change requests are typically fulfilled next business day. A revised certificate will be emailed to you once the change has been processed.

Material Changes are those which DO affect the premium cost, such as:

Changing the limit of insurance

Material changes in your operations

To make a material change you must cancel your original policy and start over by purchasing a new policy. All policies are issued for a 12 month term from the start date of the policy or material change. Inception date cannot be back-dated.

Material Change procedures:
  1. Request a 'Material Change' (process refund) via the Changes & Cancellations form above.
  2. Return to the Lawyers Financial Office Insurance Program policy page, start a new purchase, and enter your updated details. Use the effective date of the change (cancellation date of current policy) as the inception date of the new policy.
  3. Receive your notice of cancellation via email (refunds can take one or two billing periods to appear).


Cancellations must be done in writing. Once you have completed the Changes and Cancellations form above, a broker will contact you. You will be asked to forward your signed cancellation request to their attention so it can be processed and any applicable refunds can be issued.

NOTE: There is a minimum retained premium for mid-term cancellations of $150. (Not applicable if cancelling due to material change).